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The Little Guy has an internal brewing system that accurately controls pressure and temperature, extracting two full-bodied espresso shots and allowing you to texture milk to perfection. the Little Guy is free of any moving parts or electronics, using a patent protected 'fluid delay valve' to pressurise the system for a perfect extraction and milk texture.

  • The stainless steel boiler is heated by an external heat source. the Little Guy induction top has been specifically designed to ensure optimum performance. Electric elements and narrow gas hobs work perfectly also.
  • A fluid delay valve in the neck controls the timing and flow of water to the head, forcing the system to pressurise before the extraction begins. Essentially the valve replaces the need for an electric pump.
  • The Little Guy's cast stainless steel group head is independent to the body, ensuring precise thermal stability.
  • The density of finely ground coffee, carefully packed into the basket controls the duration of the extraction and temperature of the head, giving you absolute control (as with all manual espresso machine).
  • Two espresso shots are extracted per cycle.
  • At the end of the extraction process back pressure through the system is released through the steam nozzle for milk texturing. The steam nozzle is calibrated to a precise diameter ensuring ample and consistent and ample steam pressure.

The Little Guy won the Australian International Design Mark in 2008, was a finalist in the International Design Excellence Awards in 2009, won The Chicago Athenaeum's Good Design award in 2011, and in 2012 was nominated for the prestigious German Design Award.

This is a serious bit of gear. The espresso shots are excellent and there’s loads of steam pressure for texturing milk.

Scottie Callaghan
World Latte Art Champion 2006
Australian Barista Champion 2007 & 2010
World Barista Championships 2010, 3rd place

The textures and flavours the Little Guy extracts from the coffee are unique. It's unlike any other brewing system.

Emily Oak
Former director and judge - World Barista Championships