Lubrifilm Plus -113 g

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Used to lightly lubricate the Boiler cap O-ring. 

Please note: Do not overtighten the boiler cap, as this will potentially damage the O-ring.

  • Remove the boiler cap using the group handle as per the instructions.
  • When tightening the boiler cap, tighten it by hand rather than using the group handle.
  • If you feel significant resistance it could indicate that the seal is sticking to the boiler mouth and might tear so try lubricating the seal by rubbing a little cooking oil onto it or use Lubrifilm Plus.
  • The boiler cap should always be tightened until it hits the stop to get the optimal seal.

Haynes Lubri-Film Plus is a heavy-duty sanitary lubricant with extended performance and low friction properties.

The lubricant minimises downtime, extends the life of moving parts and will not dry or gum on equipment. It cleans off equipment easily.

  • Odour and taste-free
  • Sanitary
  • Non-toxic
  • Food grade

This lubricant is NSF rated H-1 and all ingredients are FDA approved for food contact.

The product is also Kosher Certified.