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The great news is that you can replace all the external seals and parts easily at home. There are 5 external seals on on TLG that you can change at home.

  • The little guy - Group Head Seal
  • The little guy - Boiler cap O-ring
  • The little guy - Steam Pin O-Ring
  • The little guy - Steam Tip O-ring
  • The little guy - Steam seat O-ring

How often should I replace the seals?

Depends on how often you use TLG and how careful you are. On average, we would expect the following:

  • The Group head seal should be replaced every 12 months to 24 months. 
  • The Boiler cap seal should last 2 to 5 years if you do not over-tighten when filling with water. Adding a little cooking oil to moisten it now and again will help. Hand tightening rather than using the group handle also helps.
  • All other external seals should last 2 to 5 years.

How do I clean TLG?

Refer to our FAQs how to clean TLG.

What happens if I leave the machine on the stove?

If you leave the machine on heat and it dry's out and damages all the internals, this is a major problem, and the machine will need to be fully rebuilt.

Unfortunately, this is not covered under warranty. We get very few machines back like this, so it is good to know that people take care of their machines and don't do this.

The cost of a full rebuild can be high - so try not to forget your machine on the stove :).

Please note: A full rebuild requires Internal repairs and should only be attempted by qualified technicians. TLG requires special tools to open and service. After servicing, special equipment is required to pressure test the unit to make sure it is operating correctly.

If In doubt, please contact us.